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Take a Peek Into Oklahoma History

The life story of the internet's favorite grandfather!

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The Sad Papaw books are rich in Oklahoma history, all the while, they follow the path of the Harmons that include the experiences the family endured as they settled in Oklahoma on the very first day of statehood. Through the pages of the Sad Papaw Books series, we get to learn more about the man behind the image. The first book, Sad Papaw's Heritage, tells the family's history that began on the wheat fields of Kentucky. Revisit the days when Americans first took to the fields to play a new game called baseball. Be there as the farmers struggled with hard work, doubts, and dreams of a new life in America. Experience the days when children first tasted graham crackers and peanut butter cookies. Days when parents and doctors struggled to find a cure for simple ailments for pneumonia, headaches and even labor pains. A part of America that will never be forgotten.

Sad Papaw's newest book, Those Were the Days, is the third book in the Sad Papaw series. The first two books will be back soon – we just want to polish them up a bit.


A Bit About Sad Papaw

Kenny Harmon was born and raised in Oklahoma, and on March 16, 2016, he became the internet's favorite grandfather, overnight. That was the day that his granddaughter posted a tweet that was heard around the world. It was meant to be a lighthearted tweet that teased her cousins. People around the world rallied around Kenny as their "new grandfather." He hosted his first open cookout to the public on Saturday, March 26, 2016. A tradition so loved that it continues every year.

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